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2014 Genedocs Tree
April 2014 NEWS!:
The "Genedocs Enhancements" profile has finally crossed
the 1,000+ friends milestone on facebook in less than 3 years!

2014 Opportunity Series:

now on facebook and Google+

2013: 1st Introduction Video at Youtube:

Genedocs emphasizes having the best document templates

Thank you for visiting this Genedocs public home page
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Census Summary Sheet angled
Genedocs is also on facebook ( featured form examples are in the Genedocs Enhancments forile photo area)so be sure to friend Genedocs Enhancements and follow to see the latest additions.
NOTE: The FREE forms library is at a separate url: www.gdinnovativeformslibrary.wikifoundry.com - you can join there too!
Bonus forms and Series Exclusives are being added in as time allows...

2013 NEWS: 1. Genedocs Founder finally attended a Rootstech Conference. With over 7,000 attendees, believe me this was one if not the best year to attend. Everyone I spoke with about Genedocs templates was elated and 10 FREE T-Shirts with the Hybrid chart were given away to folks qualifying who crossed my path in this remarkable three day event. I hope the conference can really come to the metroplex annually to eliminate the excuse of travel and lodging costs. I am beyond anxious to become an annual presenter!

2012 NEWS: 1. Welcome to the Leisure Series!! Were coming to our Census - 1940 available April 2nd!
.......................2. The E-Magazine is now a blog at blogger: http://genedocs.blogspot.com/
................................+Genedocs is now a member of Geneabloggers!

..................................Genedocs is now a Genebloggers member (actually in 2011)
.......................3. Genedocs is now able to use MS Office 2010 and all I can say is Excel macros are very cool!
.......................4. 2012 might be the year of the Genedocs BIZ - we'll see. What is a custom chart worth to you?

.....Few things in our family tree capture what family photos express without uttering so much as a word.
Genedocs strives to bring FREE innovative new tools to family members with any level of interest in or skill working
on their family tree. If you don't use a computer then Genedocs will be quite a bit less advantageous and helplful since
the examples you see here and on facebook were all designed using everyday computer programs and good old human
Your ancestors can also stand out on your charts.
Genedocs Hybrid chart with 3D graphic additions.
MARCH 2011: GENEDOCS was opened up to the general public so be sure to share it with family and friends.
Click this link to see and use 30 FREE featured forms: www.gdinnovativeformslibrary.wikifoundry.com
In 2009 Genedocs was Unveiled to a handful of people with varying levels of interest in their family tree
In 2010 Genedocs was heralded to a growing group of innovative researchers
In 2011 Genedocs has been Essentially Unleashed for the greater benefit of the world so you belong here.
In 2012 Genedocs was relaxing through the Leisure Series. Ready to join the less stressed?
In 2013 Genedocs has been expanding horizons thoughout the Panoramic Series. See it all on facebook!
Preparing for 2014 and its exciting Series.
NEW: Support the Genedocs Cause - learn more by searching Genedocs at www.lulu.com very affordable and unique!
Preview Genedocs: on www.facebook.com today.

- I will attempt to keep this page as updated as possible and apologize if it isn't as
current as facebook, but that is where most of the world is hanging out, sharing information, and working on
their family tree branches and preservation efforts...so I strongly encourage everyone to also join facebook and friend "Genedocs Wetpaint".
There are enough privacy options there to keep your information as safe or as open as you like.
WELCOME to the 2012 Leisure Series ...
How easy is it to become a Genedocs Member?
1. Click white and green members tab above and 2. Set up a profile. EASY!
Thank you for visiting.

"Have you ever Googled and ancestor and ended up with an image
.of one 5 or 6 generations away from yours?" It has been proven possible.
Be sure to download the FREE Emergency Wallet Card at the bottom of the forms page! At a minimum one day your family will thank you for it.
. . . . . .
NEW: Full Excel Package of 25 Genedocs Forms download available at Lulu.com


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FREE UPDATED 2010 Emergency Wallet Card -- Complete, Print, and Carry yours today!
click this link: http://emergencywalletcard.wikifoundry.com
Help protect your whole family...
EWC 2010

.....(Please enjoy the brass fanfare from the Herald Series of Genedocs - audio file attached at bottom of page)

2011 added a 10th Layer to the illustration below with the addition of 3D ancestors!
Genedocs - Genedocs

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